The big "cat-horoscope"

Some tips for cat-owners
whose pets are born under the sign of
May 21st – June 22nd


he "Gemini cats" are said to be incredibly stubborn, but they easily compensate for this with their permanent good humour. They also have a reputation for being very charming, kind and playful.
For cat-owners who have kept a youthful heart, the "Gemini cat" is the perfect companion. It is curious, clever and always in good spirits. As a consequence it is always in the mood for jokes. This can sometimes be rather nerve-racking. But that is just what makes it so dear to us. The whole time on the way and indomitable.
As a matter of principle "Gemini cats" do just as they please. They do not belong at all to those contemporaries who always want to be cuddled, on the contrary, they prefer going their own way.
As an owner the best you can do is to care for enough change in the daily routine to satisfy the play instinct of your pussy. This is easy to realize with the help of new "playmates". A new toy mouse from time to time wouldn't do the cat any harm!
Our "Gemini comrades" live according to the maxim:
Behold, for I am coming. Smart and unapproachable.

The self-willed "Gemini cats" go best with "Sagittarian persons".




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