The big "cat-horoscope"

Some tips for cat-owners
whose pets are born under the sign of
September 24th – Oktober 23rd



T he "Libran" have many good qualities, such as intelligence, kindness, charm and gentleness.
Still, they are extremely affectionate and always need company. "Libran cats" may sometimes be rather nerve-racking. They constantly struggle for attention and demand entertainement. The company of their owner is the height for the well-balanced Libran. So you won't find them among the loners. Also the owner should realize that it takes up a great deal of time to satisfy a "Libran pussy". The Libran have a highly developed, very pronounced need of tender affection.
Hearing at last your key turning in the lock, your furry four-legged friend will be in the seventh heaven, rubbing its head against your leg and purring. And if there is a comfortable evening at home to expect, that means joy unbounded for your stay-at-home. For the Libran it counts too: You should make sure that there is enough change in everyday life.
Now and again a new toy will distract even the most affectionate pussies for a time.

All of the "Libran cats" are devoted and cuddly companions and really get on well with persons of all the signs of the zodiac. One has only to make sure that they have always somebody to talk to and nothing will stand in the way of a harmonious living together.



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