The big "cat-horoscope"

Some tips for cat-owners
whose pets are born under the sign of
April 21st – May 20th


ats born under the sign of Taurus may show many good qualities. For example, they are very peaceful, good-natured and easy to satisfy. They belong most likely to the rather "phlegmatic" contemporaries.
"Taurus pussies" love to call an absolutely quiet place their own.
There they can fully abandon themselves to their "body care ritual", they can laze about or simply doze.
When the pussy retires, it prefers not to be disturbed.
They don't think much of always being on the move, a large window-ledge to lay on appeals more to them.
Because of their laziness they have a tendency to put on weight.
If you want to do them something good, you should give them enough attention. They are very much in need of affection and can't get enough caresses.
As they are gourmets and hedonists, they are especially pleased with dainties. A bite of curd cheese or cotton cheese are very well fitted for this purpose.
In conclusion one could say that "Taurus cats" are little "bon viveurs" with a tendency to take life in a leisurely manner.

By the way, "Taurus cats" go best with "Virgo and Piscean persons".



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