The big "cat-horoscope"

Some tips for cat-owners
whose pets are born under the sign of
January 21st – February 18th



The "Aquarian" are crafty ones! We all know the proverb of the still waters running deep.
They are temperamental, capricious, and sometimes even arrogant. But of course, those little rascals have some good qualities too. They are said to be the cuddly sort, quite capable of learning, and mostly very curious.The "Aquarius cats" always know very well how to handle their human partner. To achieve their aim, for example, an extra portion of delicacies, they may well show their best side. They will let their kindness come out, purring and cuddling for all their worth. And as a matter of fact, their persistence usually will be crowned with the desired success. In the end, one simply can't refuse them anything. But when the "Aquarian" are in a bad mood, one should better leave them in peace. Otherwise they may well behave somewhat primly. When they are "ready" again, they will come all by themselves.
These curious four-legged appreciate the possibility of walking about freely, for there is always something new to discover. But for those who are kept exclusively indoors, after some time, there is nothing new to explore in a flat to well-known, which often leads to moodiness. So, care for some change in your familiar home. One could say, that the "Aquarius pussies" are capricious, but sweet!

"Libran and Saggitarian persons" get on marvellously well with the different nature of the "Aquarius cats".



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