The big "cat-horoscope"

Some tips for cat-owners
whose pets are born under the sign of
July 23rd – August 23rd


he "Leo-pussies" are no simple contemporaries. They are said always wanting to be the centre of attention and bearing no rivalry. In addition to that they are very conceited, proud as peacocks and also obstinate.
But of course they show some good qualities too. In dealing with human beings they are particulary warm-hearted, they love to be caressed and coddled.
"Leo she-cats" with their majestic elegance, their shiny coat and in awareness of their beauty put all the other ladies in the shade. Whereas the proud and dignified "Leo tom-cats" are sure to be the masters in their house. Your little "Leo" always wants to play the leading role in your life. You should give it your tender care and often play with it. You should also be generous with your praise and appreciation for your pussy, then it will feel particulary well.
If there are other cats living in the house, the "Leos" always want to be given preferential treatment. They expect you to give more affection and of course more delicacies to them than to their rivals. As they usually keep their owners under perfect control, it is a simple matter for them to get special favours. "Leo cats" are very peaceful and good-natured, as long as no one else tries to dispute their right to the throne. Otherwise one has to prepare for a scramble.

"Libran and Cancer persons" go best with the proud "Leo cats".



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