The big "cat-horoscope"

Some tips for cat-owners
whose pets are born under the sign of
August 24th – September 23rd



The "Virgo cats" are curious about everything and quite adventurous. Furthermore they are said to be cautious, critical, straightforward and first of all very kind.
But unfortunately most of the "Virgos" find it very difficult to show their affection. It is not easy for them to make friends with anybody. And it seems as if they needed much persuasion. But after having succeeded in this task, you will have gained a true companion and nothing will stand in the way of a marvellous living together. Usually the "Virgo pussies" behave very coolly and calmly. They give the appearance as if nothing could make them lose their self-control. But of course the apparently hard-boiled are really soft-hearted. Just try to capture their hearts with much love and not least with lots of delicacies.
To give themselves a catlick nearly takes them the whole day. One could almost speak of an obsession with washing themselves. They are always well-groomed and flawless.
In addition to that, "Virgo pussies" are always in the mood to play, they roam and rump around all the time and curiously explore the surroundings.
The "Virgo pussies" are altogether faithful and nice companions who will surely make life more pleasant for you.

"Virgo cats" go very well with "Gemini persons".



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