The big "cat-horoscope"

Some tips for cat-owners
whose pets are born under the sign of
December 22nd – January 20th



The "Capricorn pussies" are particulary affable, serious, conscientious, and they love their rest.
But, at times, they may also be rather stroppy, stubborn and awkward.
Though this happens only if you disturb them in one of their favourite occupations. A home for "Capricorns" should always be comfortable and cosy. Besides they need very much loving attention and above all, tender strokes. They have a very strong mistress-/master-fixation and they don't like to be alone. On the other hand, they also love the calm hours they spend on nothing else than dozing.
At these moments you should better not disturb the little furry four-legged. For calm and dozing have the absolute precedence over everything. Being disturbed, they mostly behave in a stroppy way and may often seem somehow unaproachable and reserved. So, don't begrudge your pussy its well-deserved rest, it will be thankful for that. Apart from their weakness for dozing, there is another thing they adore, this is being coddled. As they are always very fond of delicacies, offering them some, you will fill them with an enthusiasm, which might well make them leave their beloved resting-place.
All in all the "Capricorn" is a very affable contemporary with a great need of rest.

The "Capricorn cats" go very well with "Gemini or Cancer persons".



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