The big "cat-horoscope"

Some tips for cat-owners
whose pets are born under the sign of
March 21st - April 20th


he "Aries pussies" are said to be brave, adventurous, fancyful and very loyal. If they don't get enough loving care, unfortunately some of their bad qualities such as impertinence, egoism and lack of patience will come out every now and then.
The "Aries" love to be the centre of attention. For this they are ready to show their tricks continuously. They can be marvellously entertaining, if only they collect enough attention for it.
Left alone, they feel particulary unwell, therefore they are the best companions for people who are often at home.
On the other hand they also have a highly developed desire for "being free". So one should keep an eye on them because they sometimes like to run away from home.
But deep in their hearts they are devoted souls and usually come back to their familiar home.
If you want to pamper your cat a little, always care for an extra portion of caresses and dainties.
You will be rewarded by its good temper and its good-natured attitude.
They are faithful companions who would seldom become boring and sluggish.

"Aries cats" go best with "Aries, Libran and Aquarius people".





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