The big "cat-horoscope"

Some tips for cat-owners
whose pets are born under the sign of
November 23rd – December 21st



The "Sagittarian pussies" belong to the easy-care contemporaries. They know exactly what to expect of their life as a cat.
Enough tender strokes and tasty feed is nearly all they need. But you won't really find them among the "lap-kittens" for that. It is only that they don't need much to be happy. Some most fundamental things being assured they already feel perfectly satisfied. They are also easy-care cats so far as they often prefer a comfortable, cosy place near the radiator to the risky adventure of walking alone through other territories. That doesn't mean they are lazy or sluggish. It is only that at home, they have their small area they are familiarized with, where the territory is marked out, and tiresome fights are not to be expected. The best would be a nice terrace or balkony, for stretching out lazy in the sun and breathing the fresh air.
The only thing you have to offer to your pet for its entire satisfaction would be well-balanced, varied food, and a delicacy from time to time. For the "Sagittarian" may sometimes be a bit choosy. One might say, they know, what is really good. Certainly they would like their mistress or master to cook, for example, a bit of chicken now and then, which would bring some variety to the dull routine of tinned food. But that is, of course, a pleasure for every furry four-legged. In their simple manner, the"Sagittarian" aim right at your heart, and their arrow will surely hit the bull's eye.
One will soon come to appreciate them and to realize, that life would be difficult to imagine without these rather unobstrusive contemporaries.

The "Sagittarian cats" go very well with "Lion persons".



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